Thursday, March 8, 2007

What Kind Of Everyday Purse Do You Like Best

Wow, it's Thursday already. Time flies when your kids are sick. Or maybe not flies, but it is easy to loose track of time. Today was the first day since early January where everyone went to work and school and I actually had alone time for sewing! And I actually sewed too! I'll upload pics later of a new little accessory item for your closet that I made today.

I wanted to post something so if anyone did happen by they wouldn't think I'd abandoned the place, so ...

How about a Poll? I'd love to know what kind of pocketbook (purse) you prefer to use on a daily basis. Please feel free to comment too. I love comments! They help me know that I'm not just talking into thin air out here. Tell me what your perfect purse would be like - after you come back from taking the poll (do come back!)

Please Take My Poll

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