Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Secret Sister LOVES Me! And I LOVE Her Too!

Ohhhh what fun! Yesterday I received my Secret Sister package from a very loving and sweet Secret Sister and I was truly touched to tears of joy. First of all the box was HUGE, so carefully packaged and everything was safely cushioned with lovely pink packing peanuts (love those!) My secret sister really LOVES me! I can't tell you how fun and exciting it was for me opening all these lovingly selected gifts. Mama's Pocketbook
I had to get my daughter to help me empty the box and save all those peanuts. She oohed and ahhed with each wrapped package I pulled from the box, each one beautifully adorned with fabric roses and satin ribbons. The card from my Secret Sister gave no hint as to who she is. She wrote: Hello, my Secret Sister!, I was so blessed to be given the opportunity to bless you Dianne! I hope all these things give you much enjoyment! God Bless You and have a fun day!! You Secret Sister.

Ok, well so far I only had one clue... the address on the label gives the city in Texas it was shipped from but the name is blacked out and taped over. Very sneaky! I'd have to figure out who lived in Texas... meanwhile, I started opening the gifts...
This first gift was a sweet little glass jar with lovely roses on the shabby chic lid and inside was a treasure trove of buttons, findings, rhinestones, and two pink antique intricately hand stitched cotton fabric flowers with pearl button centers. These are truly works of art and I adore them!

My secret sister really read my bio and picked gifts that perfectly spoke to my heart! Did I say thank you yet? OMGosh... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love all these things... and this is just the beginning... there's much more...

First I have never seen a Blue Bonnet Butter JAR! Fabulous! And look at the gorgeous pink, white and green doily tied around it with a ribbon! It was filled yards of with this wonderful pink lace. Oh my! You should have heard me squeal! Oh, and see the pink pearl strands, can't forget those! They are so pretty!

Next up... a big, beautiful conch shell with a handmade paper collage tag. I love seashells and my secret sister included something of everything I love!

Here we have what I thought was my 2nd clue for who my secret sister might be. I actually did scream a little when I saw what was in this package as I've been wanting some of these delicious looking confections ever since I first saw them here at MMP. And the china saucer is to die for too! Now, I'm pretty sure these yummies were made by Kimberly at My Pink Boutique... Hmmm. Could Kimberly be my SS? But wait, there are more clues ...

Lookie ... I got a BUNNY! SWEET!!! Actually TWO bunnies! My big bunny is absolutely perfect for me, she is so sweetly dressed and holds a SEWING BASKET. How on earth my SS found this perfect bunny for me I don't know, but I'm thrilled that she did! The other sweet little bunny sitting in her lap is so cute, made from a lovely rose print fabric and with the floppy ears I love and even a tiny cotton tail! I am in heaven! Are you all jealous yet?

Now this is the next clue that has thrown me off my trail! I'd already spotted this beautiful rose print in the "PINK" (and white) frame on my Pink Sister Peggy's site at So Shabby Pink. And Peggy lives in Texas too! So.... is it Peggy who blessed me with all these wonderful things??? I'm truly stumped I don't know if my secret sis is Kimberly or Peggy but I'm pretty sure it's one of you. I tend to think it's Peggy because she also has some of these wonderful glass jars on her site.

SO ... Come clean Secret Sister... and let me thank you properly for all the love and thought and wonderful gifts you have given me. I'm just tickled PINK over this haul! I just love how you put so much time into wrapping each one and I LOVE the big gorgeous fabric roses clipped onto the packages and the little heart shaped notepad and all the ribbons. It all just takes my breath away. I am the most blessed Secret Sister for sure!

Oh, and there's a glimpse of my newest Carrie purse at the edge of this picture of all my teasures. It's PINK, and ROSY, and I can't wait to post it on my site. I hope you all enjoyed sharing in my SS experience! I'll reveal who my Secret Sister is as soon as she claims her fame!

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