Saturday, March 3, 2007

Paying It Forward - Pink October Style

This tote was my first big success after opening Mama's Pocketbook. I made a limited edition of 25 of these totes for "Pink October" 2006 as my Breast Cancer Awareness Tote and I am pleased to say that all of the totes sold and a donation of $97.50 was made to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of the foundation's breast cancer research for prevention and treatment.

This year I'm designing two new totes, one that will be offered year round (unlimited), and another special limited edition design that will be featured on my website and at my Little Pink Boutique for the annual Make Mine Pink "Pink October" month observances.

I will continue donating 10% of the sales for both designs. I am excluding these totes from my normal MMP discount and will instead donate 20% of the sale price to the Susan G. Komen foundations for orders from MMP members.

I will offer the unlimited new design very soon!

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