Friday, January 11, 2008

January Sale - 25% off Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags!

These Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags truly are sweet! And now you can get a really sweet deal on them ... but only for a limited time - though Jan. 31st. But don't procrastinate - I only have one of each style in stock, so they are first come, first served! They are here, in my studio, ready to ship just as soon as I receive your order!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's Up for 2008!

True to my nature, here I am on Jan.8th, saying Happy New Year! My kids just started back to school today, so this is really my first official workday of 2008. Of course, I've been working, planning, strategizing, and DESIGNING away all through the holidays. I'm going to be up to my neck in work for the next couple of months as we gear up over at for all the outrageous plans we have in 2008. Not to mention that my spotlight ad in Victoria has sparked quite a lot of traffic to my website and orders for my newest bag, aptly named Victoria!

Here's a picture of my Victoria tote in a beautiful Raymond Waites Sage floral linen with a gorgeous contrasting barkcloth band set off with a wide vintage tatted lace trim. (for more details, and ordering info go HERE!)
So, since I only posted an average of one post per week in 2007, I'm aiming to really recreate my blog this year and see what kind of fun things I can conjure up to make it an interesting and exciting one.

It's definitely starting out to be an interesting and exciting New Year! Here are some of the things I've got coming up real soon...
1. My interview with a wonderful Romance Novelist for the "Women Who Inspire" column, for February (at MMP).

2. I'm designing a whole new bag concept, that I will be pitching to the panel at the Country Living 2008 Women Entrepreneur's event in Chicago on March 15th! Oh yeah! I'm going to Chicago, along with a bunch of my Pink Sisters and we are going to have the biggest, pinkest party ever! Stay tuned for developing details!

3. A new RED vintage inspired purse is coming for Valentine's Day! I hope to launch it by this weekend (1/12/08).

4. I'm adding a Gallery of photos for the very sweet ladies who have emailed me awesome pictures of all the totes they've made from my free tote pattern on my site. Very creative!

I'm sure there's more ... my brain is working overtime, all the time, so there's definitely more to come. Meanwhile, have a wonderful week and I'll be posting again real soon!