Monday, August 31, 2015

Hot Mess Bloggin'

Hey there! 
Bet you thought this blog was DEAD!  Well, I have been neglectful in feeding it .. it needs nourishment, some TLC ... maybe even total resussitation!

I truly am a hot mess when it comes to blogging. But I keep coming back so I hope you will too! While I have been letting the blog linger, I've been breathing new life into Mama's Pocketbook and I'm finally good with the way the website is shaping up. It's not perfect, but then again it never will be. That's ok, those of us who love the pretty things, the creative souls, the sweetness of life don't really want perfectionism. We just want to love what we love and love what we do. Right? 

SO... I have some very pretty new Cross Body Bags and Sienna Handbags to share, as well as some NEWS about our forward progress here at Mama's Pocketbook.

I announced it on my Mama's Pocketbook Facebook Page that my fiance, Kim Long, is joining me as co-owner of our business and bringing us his wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing, and taking control of the business side of things to give me more time for the creative side of things. This is a dream come true for me as a fabric artist who prefers the creative side to the business side. Kim will be updating the website, newsletter and yes, this blog will get new life under his care. He will wear many hats here ... writing content, shipping orders, bringing me frappacinos (made on my new Nutra Ninja Plus!), and other duties as assigned. (Yes, I'm still Queen here). 

In other News - I'm literally on pins and needles to roll out a new line of LINEN bags for Fall/Winter. There will be options for customizing these bags to your liking or buying the OOAK designs I am making.  So excited about these. They will incorporate my beloved floral fabrics  - subtle and fairly neutral on the outside and bursting with color on the inside. I may just stay up all night to finish one of these so I can get some photos out here. I tried for the past hour to add some photos, but Blogger does not want to behave ... So Meanwhile.... here's the current offerings of

Cross Body Bags
Amy Butler Ready Made Bags
New Fabric Choices for Design Your Own Tote Kits
New Fabric Choices for Custom Card Cases
Swoon Patterns