Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Computer Vision Board

Ok, pardon the advert... but, those who know me know I'm on the computer a lot, and that I'm really excited about using the Law of Attraction, positive visualization, prayer, success principles and more to expand my life and my business. I have several vision boards here at home, one by my desk, a family board in the kitchen, as well as a weekly activities board in there too, and I have a wall in my studio I use as a vision board. I am loving how fast things are happening since I've begun to really focus on the things I and my family want to achieve.

Well, recently I found this software that you can use to build vision boards on your computer and have it right there where you can change it and add to it quickly and keep inspired and motivated …while you work! You can customize it and share your boards too. I like it so much I decided it was too hot an item not to get in on, so I joined their affiliate program.

Now, you will hardly ever see me sell products other than my own, but I know that a lot of my "pink sisters" and my friends are using vision boards, so I thought I'd at least mention that I really like the software in case anyone is interested in it.

It is easy to order, download and simple to use. I like being able to quickly find an image of something I want and instead of having to print it out for my wall board, I can just copy and paste it to my computer vision board. I thought about trying to make my own computer vision board, but this way I don't have to spend the time trying to create an interactive slideshow myself. If you are interested in it, there's a banner ad at the bottom of my blog that will take you to the OrangePeel website. (or you can click here). Enjoy.

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