Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most Gorgeous Cupcake Ever

Just had to share! 

Hubby knows I've been working really hard for weeks on end, getting by with little sleep and my stress level has been pretty high. So he did the grocery shopping for us on Sunday and this is what he
 brought me to cheer me up!

The most beautiful PINK CUPCAKE I've ever seen! He knows I have a weakness for cupcakes. I mean who doesn't? They are so perfect! And this one - Oh, so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat! I said almost! I did eat it, but I shared it with Lauren and it still took me all day and into the evening to finish it off! The frosting was soft and whipped and very 
rich, as was the cupcake. What a sweet treat and a sweet husband! I'm so blessed!

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