Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Still Harvest Home Pink Friday...

It's late on Pink Friday, but it's not over for sure!  I missed out on part of the "Harvest Home Pink Friday" myself because my brain decided it had to have some sleep. I've been keeping some very weird, awful late hours lately and it finally caught up with me and no matter how much I wanted to post more pretty porch pouches for todays sale, my body said no, no no! No more working, you crazy sewing feind!  I think it said some other choice words for me as I wobbled to bed and collapsed into deep lovely sleep, but I don't remember them! 

It won't be long before I head back to the sheets to finish the job of resting my brain and body. 

I share this because that means you will have some extra time to take advantage of my remaining Pink Friday offering! Unless I wake up at like 3 am and it's still there. I may decide to get up and close out the sale and update to regular pricing before daybreak! You just never know with me!  

I sold the first Fabulous Fall Porch Pouch that was listed this morning thank you TS!), but then I listed this gorgeous "Natalie Rose" in blue denim colored decorator linen with a huge spray of perfect pink cabbage roses and rose buds as an additonal one before the mandatory coma set in and it is still available.

 I really love this one, and honestly, I won't cry if it doesn't sell (can't imagine that it won't!) because then I'll claim it my own and my MMP girlitas will see me carrying it around Williamsburg, VA next week at our first annual Make Mine Pink Retreat! (soooo excited!) and everyone will be so jealous and wanting one like it.

But nope, that's not possible, because I don't have enough fabric left to make another one ... it's one of a kind baby!  Ok, I'm still a little loopy. I should write ad copy while I'm loopy, it's fun! 

Then get back over to Make Mine Pink and see what the other Little Pink Boutique owners have for you. Remember the prices do go back up on Saturday ... or sometime between midnight and whenever I wake up ... if my pretty pouch is by any chance even still there. First come, first served. If y'all fight over it, I'll have to refund anyone who didn't snag the first served spot. Good Luck & Happy Harvest Home Pink Friday!

Thanks - I'll be dreaming about ya!

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