Thursday, September 13, 2007

Silly Me! More Prizes...

See this is what happens when you try something new and don't really know what you are doing! LOL! It just went back and looked at all my wonderful comments and realized that the people who visited and posted comments on Monday and Tuesday should have a chance to win a lovely lavender sachet warmer too! Silly me! I was the one late to the tea party, so those who came to see me on those days should get a chance to win a pretty too.

In fact since there are two days there of comments, I'll give away TWO sachets!

Ok, I'm rolling my trusty little random number generator.... for numbers 1 - 9 and the two winners are:

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2007-09-14 03:45:54 IST

Which means my lucky winners are: Anne F from Momma's Place and Debbie from Cozy Cottage!

Congrats ladies, I will email you to let you know you've won, and I am completely tuckered out so I promise to post photos of the lavendar sachets tomorrow. I'm going to add these to my site too! They smell sooooooo wonderful! I mix high grade lavender buds with white rice so that you can warm your sachet in the microwave for one minute and use it to soothe tired eyes, headaches and muscle aches ... they are great on the back of the neck!.



Debbie said...

Yea....I won a sachet!!! Thank you Dianne. :)

Dianne said...

You are welcome Debbie!
I'm running way behind on keeping up with things here, but if you'll email me your address I'll get it out to you on Monday! Thanks for visiting!