Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Last Fall Tea Party Prizes

I'm late to my own party. Story of my life! Time just really got away from me yesterday and today I was running errands all day long (ok, and shopping and garage saleing!!)

So, to catch up and finish up with the final Fall Tea Party celebrations and giveaways, I will have to be a little creative.

Let's see ... I started the giveaway with a drawing from Wednesday's comments and Michele of Rose Petals and Blooms won a lavendar sachet warmer

Then I backed up and decided to giveaway two more of those sachets in a drawing of those who had commented on Monday & Tuesday. Those winners were Anne F from Momma's Place and Debbie from Cozy Cottage!

So that brings me to needing Winners for Thurs and Fri. and I promised to give away a new design of mine... a lovely floral wristlet bag... On Thurs. I had 7 comments and on Friday I had only 1 commentor... so here's the random number the generator at picked for Thursday's winner:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:1
Timestamp: 2007-09-16 03:56:55 IST

That means Lynn of The Vintage Nest is Thursday's winner

and my one and only commentor on Friday was Vicki Palmer of All Bliss Be Thine so she automatically wins for Friday.

Thank you to all my commentors I appreciate each and every one who visited and who took the time to post to me about my tea. This was a lot of fun!

Lynn & Vicki, I will contact the two of you regarding your prizes!

OK, to wrap up the week of tea parties. I promised a final drawing by putting all the posters in a hat. To do this right I had to check each tea related thread for the week and put all the comments into a list in order that they were received. Some of you posted more than once or on more than one day so to give each an equal shot, I assigned your number for your first comment and put your name in the hat only once. That brought me to a total of 24 commentors with the randon winner for Saturday's prize being:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:24
Timestamp: 2007-09-16 04:30:18 IST

Tina from Garden Goose is my final prize winner... and the prize since I put all the comments in a hat, is ... A Sunhat! Tina I'll contact you to get you info so I can send you a Sun Hat from Mama's Pocketbook.

This has been a lot of fun, I've met so many nice people and found some amazing blogs. How will I ever keep up with them all! THANKS again to all who visited me this week! Please come back again real soon. XOXO ~ Dianne


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh My Goodness...I was going over to Roxie's website to thank her for my beautiful order from her new website and ended up here. I declare there's just no way I can ever sit down at the computer for 5 minutes. I am so excited to be a winner. Thank you Diane for such a fun blog.xoxo Lynn

GardenGoose said...

whoa! I won! wow..LOL thank you so much.