Friday, August 29, 2008

Pink Friday - Favorite Things

Welcome back, it's already Pink Friday again ... And the Specials keep getting better and better! Looks like has a record number of participating shops this week! It's going to be fun to look through all the shops and see what is offered up as each owner's favorite things!

I have some deals for you today! Since my favorite things are Fabrics, Sewing, Magazines and Saving Money ... I have a bit of all of those to offer.

First up.... I've taken 10% off all Amy Butler Purse Making Kits and I'm giving away a free copy of the fabulous Make Mine Pink Marketplace Catalog with each order! (Bonus the lowered price also means lowered shipping costs!)

Second deal ... These card cases really are some of my favorite things. I love having an organized purse and these little cuties do the job in style! So TODAY ONLY, I"m offering them for only $5.00 each! But wait ... there's more! Buy 4 - get 1 Free!! - and yes, there's even more! Use coupon code 2shipping to get $2.00 shipping (first class) on any quantity!

I am also sorting though stacks and stacks of magazines and will be offering sets of great decorator magazines as well as some great NEW Decorating Books. Oh how I love decor mags and books!

So go and enjoy the Pink Friday event, Please visit my Pink Friends and don't forget the holidays are just around the corner - stock up now on your gifts and they will come to you - you save money, gas, time and energy and you will make everyone jealous when you are taking it easy ... all, "I'm done already with my shopping!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re-decorating the Blog

You know, I just cannot commit to one look, I just can't. I love too many styles. I'm eclectic. So I have decided to embrace my many moods and inspirations and give in to this designer's heart of mine and stop worrying about having one everlasting look - at least here on my blog!

Maybe that it's just too much fun to make new banners! Esp. with the fun and easy to use graphics from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.

Still, I do believe that it's important to have a logo, and marketing materials that make you stand out and that are recognizable for your websites, boutiques, etc.. I'm working on that. And I think that by going through some of the changes I have played with here on my blog that I have begun to develop my own look. I will brand my company and products in some kind of consistent manner, but I still will want to incorporate some small flexibility for changing out the colors and textures to flow with the seasons and moods of my designs.

So I will compromise. I have made this background that I really like, it's textured, it's subtle, it's damask (which I obviously love!) and it doesn't clash with anything else, so that can stay. And I won't move the furniture around in here too radically. I worked to hard to figure out how to make that third column, so the structure will stay intact here too!

But I'm likely going to indulge in a new banner at least every season, maybe every month. So don't be confused if you see a new one! It's just me redecorating again!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Bling Friday Y'all

This weeks's theme for Pink Friday is Gotta have Bling....
... a little pink bling, maybe a little vintage bling. How about some rhinestones and pearls~ anything to please the girls!
I didn't think I'd be in on this one, but I remembered these pretty sparkly blingity blingie sequined and beaded and lame purses and hats I have! So here I am, ready for Bling Friday after all!
These bags are really pretty, really vintage and are in great condition! Enjoy and be sure to stop by the other Pink Friday MMP websites too!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New OOAK Pink Toile Cherub Tote

I just love this tote! It's so pretty and feminine! I know someone is going to claim it as theirs pretty quick but I still just had to show it off here on the blog! It is truly a One-of-a-kind ... I don't even have enough of this fabric left over to make one for myself (Waaaah!)

It may look delicate and too pretty to use, but trust me it is made to be used! It's been protected with a high grade decorator's soil, water and stain repellant and the designer Braemore fabric is already treated from the manufacturer, so this is doubly treated inside and out! If you are the lucky one to buy it... Please do enjoy using it! Go HERE for more details and ordering info. Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wonderful Whites on Pink Friday

It's once again Pink Friday and this week the MMP participating shops are offering beautiful goodies in the "Wonderful Whites' theme!

I have a few items for you on my website. A bit different this week as I did not have much time for sewing. I did handcraft these lovely White Eyelet Lavender and Rice Sachet Sets (learn more on the site!)

I also have two very pretty Porch Pouches, one with a white background and one with a cream background! Thanks for looking. Enjoy your shopping and be sure to visit all the participating shops at MakeMinePink.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Fresh Green Kitchen! - Show & Tell

I'm posting late for Monday Show & Tell, but as promised ... I've got pictures of my freshly painted lovely green kitchen to share! Steve and I worked so hard the past two days finishing the painting in our kitchen (that I started oh, about 2 years ago!) ... and we are so happy!

Happy not only because it's finally finished, but because we really love it! It's so cheerful!

Green is our favorite color. For those who have asked - the color name is "Grape Leaves" and we got it at Home Depot in the Behr paint colors, we chose the semi-gloss kitchen and bath finish. We fell in love with this color when we saw it in a gorgeous kitchen at the Street of Dreams at Marina Bay here in Gainesville.

It was quite a job for the two of us to finish this by ourselves. I'm not usually scared of heights, but I did not enjoy being 13 ft up on a ladder trying to reach the peaks of that ceiling!
It's not perfect, but it's perfectly fine with us! We will hire someone to come in and do the crown molding when the times comes!

This was the hardest room in the house to paint, especially because we could not use the sprayer. The overspray was too much, so we will have to use that when we get the walls up down here in the basement, before any molding or floors are put in.

I'm very proud of us for deciding to "just do it" and really motivated to do the rest of the house.
We've decided to turn this into our dream home, there's plenty of room and potential for adding all the elements we want.
Now the only thing I need to do to finish the kitchen/breakfast room is decide on a fabric for the window treatments.
I keep thinking a black & white toile might be nice, but would sure love to have some suggestions from anyone who reads this.

Tell me what fabric and style of window treatment you think would look good in my kitchen (and please feel free to share links to any fabric samples you like!)
Hmmm, could this be a good idea for a contest?
Who wants to win something pretty???
I'll figure out a prize and post about it tomorrow. Meanwhile I have to get some work done while you look at my "new" kitchen!