Monday, August 4, 2008

My Fresh Green Kitchen! - Show & Tell

I'm posting late for Monday Show & Tell, but as promised ... I've got pictures of my freshly painted lovely green kitchen to share! Steve and I worked so hard the past two days finishing the painting in our kitchen (that I started oh, about 2 years ago!) ... and we are so happy!

Happy not only because it's finally finished, but because we really love it! It's so cheerful!

Green is our favorite color. For those who have asked - the color name is "Grape Leaves" and we got it at Home Depot in the Behr paint colors, we chose the semi-gloss kitchen and bath finish. We fell in love with this color when we saw it in a gorgeous kitchen at the Street of Dreams at Marina Bay here in Gainesville.

It was quite a job for the two of us to finish this by ourselves. I'm not usually scared of heights, but I did not enjoy being 13 ft up on a ladder trying to reach the peaks of that ceiling!
It's not perfect, but it's perfectly fine with us! We will hire someone to come in and do the crown molding when the times comes!

This was the hardest room in the house to paint, especially because we could not use the sprayer. The overspray was too much, so we will have to use that when we get the walls up down here in the basement, before any molding or floors are put in.

I'm very proud of us for deciding to "just do it" and really motivated to do the rest of the house.
We've decided to turn this into our dream home, there's plenty of room and potential for adding all the elements we want.
Now the only thing I need to do to finish the kitchen/breakfast room is decide on a fabric for the window treatments.
I keep thinking a black & white toile might be nice, but would sure love to have some suggestions from anyone who reads this.

Tell me what fabric and style of window treatment you think would look good in my kitchen (and please feel free to share links to any fabric samples you like!)
Hmmm, could this be a good idea for a contest?
Who wants to win something pretty???
I'll figure out a prize and post about it tomorrow. Meanwhile I have to get some work done while you look at my "new" kitchen!


lisa said...


Your kitchen looks amazing. The color is bright and cheery. I'm going to think about the curtains for the evening and post my idea.

You all did a great job.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love it Dianne and love the giant fork and spoon. :)

Susan said...

Love the color...I am not a curtain fan...simple header is my style...don't like to take away from the accents...
Susan *dutchrose*

Dianne - Mama's Pocketbook said...

Hi Lisa, thanks ... can't wait to see what your window treatment idea will be.

Hi Lynn- Yeah, ya gotta love a big fork and spoon right? I saw these last summer at a garage sale and I passed them up, but I couldn't stop thinking about them, so I went back at the end of the day and they were still there. They are huge and made of metal, and pretty old actually! I got a real bargain on them and they are quite a conversation piece!

Hi Susan, I agree, in the kitchen/breakfast room anyway... I'm leaning towards some kind of valance, just not sure the design and fabrics I want to use. I want something fresh and exciting, maybe an unusual kind of hardware or hanging method, but definitely not curtains. The window have 2" white blinds, so I don't need curtains for privacy, strictly for decor!

Cottage Flair said...

Hi Dianne,
Your kitchen looks great. I paint and repaint my rooms way too often. It's such a great feeling to have a fresh, new color. Black toile sounds good or I would go for a beautiful fun floral with that green somewhere in the fabric. I'm sure you've seen it but has tons of fabric styles available by the yard.

Dianne - Mama's Pocketbook said...

Wow Jennifer- thanks for the link! I don't know how I could have possibly missed this fabric store!?

I thought I had every fabric supplier from here to Australia bookmarked, but somehow I did not know about! I'm there now!! Woo Hoo!

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Dianne, Your kitchen looks just beautiful! I have to tell you, that is my favorite color. My bedroom at my parents house was a similar shade. It is such a feel good color. What a wonderful kitchen! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the curtains. I know they will look great!

Silena said...

Hi Dianne,
You have a fabulous kitchen...I love the high ceilings, even though, as you said, they are hard to paint. The color you chose is fresh and inviting. I say go with the black and off-white toile. I've had black and off-white toile in my bedroom for years and never tire of it! It will go great with the lush green! I see your mama's pocketbooks over there in the corner....nice touch!!

sita said...

Love your new kitchen color it does seem cheery, I like the idea of a floral with the green accent as well. I see your lovely aprons and bags hanging and think this would tie in your work plus that gorgous flower arrangement. Have you thought of doing vintage fabric? I am thinking a barkcloth valance hung with forks and spoons to mimic your larger ones you can easily do this by bending them and sewing ties to your valance and just tie them to the fork and spoon, you can drill holes in them to screw them into your molding/wall. I see that color alot in vintage barkcloth, maybe even with a slight tropical flair?

cathy said...

Beautiful color! Goes great with the cabinets. I love the Big Fork & Spoon (just ike on "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Patricia said...

Your kitchen look terrific. Your hard work paid off and I'm sure you feel it was worth the wait!
As much of a fan of toile as I am, I think that might be a little too formal for the fun room that is. You don't want to block any light from the windows, especially with winter coming. How about a white dotted swiss valance? You could even come up with an accent color there if you wanted.
Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be beautiful. It's a great color in a great room.

Inka Thomas said...

I love your kitchen. Maybe you could find a pretty print with a tiny green, yellow and red floral or design on off white fabric for the valance.

Lilli Blue said...

I love it! My hall is green. I need to repaint my living room. You have inspired me! Lilli

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Dianne!

Beauuuutiful! Love your kitchen and the color is fabulous! It's such a good feeling to finish something you have been wanting to do for a long time. I have spent the better part of this month painting too. As for curtains I stink at that so I can't offer,but I am sure many lovely ladies will be able to help. Thanks for sharing pinkie! So happy for you.
Janets Creative Pillows

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...


Love the pictures of your new kitchen!! The colour is beautiful! Never knew green could work so well in a kitchen. Great job!

Pei Li

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Hi Diane, its so bold and wonderful, great place to hang out. I'd go bold...get some antique cherry red in there somehow. Great job!

Broken China Treasures said...

Dianne, the paint job turned out beautiful! I love color in a kitchen. I like the idea of using just a valance for the windows. Possibly a box valance covered with a beautiful rose pattern. Best of luck deciding! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

~~ Tanya

DebbieCalif said...

I love these pic's. Your kitchen looks great and I like the black in the pictures. Maybe a little black in the fabric, checks or two different fabrics that compliment each other. I am sure what ever you pick out will look amazing!
Blessings, Debbie

Flowerchild Clay Queen Angel Heart Designs said...

Ooh! La La...I love it Dianne..:)plz come over and finish mine..LOL
I have a green wall..a red wall, and yellow one! I like green the best..who's the cook???
Cindy :)

gail said...

Hi Dianne, how have you been, I have been crazy busy, but wanted to see your kitchen. I LOVE it. I have a couple walls in my place that have that color green too. I love that color. You guys did a great job. I will have to think about a window treatment,, hmmmm. I will let you know...luv, gail

Crystal said...

Dianne ~ your kitchen is absolutely stunning! Congrats, I know how much pride comes from that much work, and I'm sure you'll truly enjoy time spent there.


Dianne - Mama's Pocketbook said...

Heh, well it's Thursday already and I promised more info on a prize for those who suggested ideas for my window treatments didn't I!

Ok, I'll do a drawing tomorrow of the names of all who offered ideas, and a 2nd drawing from all who commented (that gives those who offered ideas 2 chances to win!)

Hmm, the prizes, what shall I give?? I'll hold you in suspense a little longer and see what I come up with tomorrow! Thanks everyone! Oh and there's still time to get in on the drawing!

Janera said...

Just dropping by while bloghopping. Love your kitchen. What's the color called?

I'd definitely do some black/white checks, just a few. . . Mackenzie Childs-type.

Janine said...

Your kitchen looks very happy. I'm sure you are really enjoying it. It's so rewarding to do something like this yourself!

Cottage said...

LOVE Green! That is a perfect spunky fun shade and looks great in your kitchen!
LOVE your website too!

Tracy M. said...

Great Color! I love green too and I love the high ceilings.
Have a great day!
Tracy M.

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Love your new kitchen! Kitchen remodeling is on my to-do list and I love green - wanna volunteer!!!

Thanks so much for adding me to your list of blogs that inspire. I love your blog and have added a link to yours on my blog as well.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

any chance you know the name of the and hubby have been re-doing our kitchen this week, and that is the green i am looking for, we have bought 2 so far, and they arent what we thought they were...would love to know ...thanks!!

Lara said...

What color green is this and what brand?? I want my kitchen that color too! :)

Dianne Hadaway said...

Hi - I updated the post today with the color name as I've had so many requests for it. It is a Behr color from Home Depot called "Grape Leaves". We still love the color and have not grown tired of it at all, it's very soothing, fun and cheerful at the same time.

Lara said...

Thank you so much Dianne!

Lara said...

Dianne, it's amazing how the color looks on your wall versus the swatch. In the pictures your kitchen looks like a cheery green apple-ish color. On the swatch it looks much darker. Does it look green apple to you at home in your kitchen?

Dianne Hadaway said...

Lara, It is slightly darker than apple green and a little more leaf green, it has a tint of yellow undertone I think. I agree that the paint chip does not give you a good idea of what it will look like on the wall. I always get a sample and do a paint board (or right on the wall) and live with it awhile first, to see it in different light of day and night before deciding. I do think this green is perfect, not jarring, very much a nature color.

Lara said...

Thank you! I have 6 different greens painted on my wall trying to figure out which one is the best. I found your blog because I was looking for pictures of kitchens with similar colors to what I am looking for. Wow, I have to say it is hard to find a color that looks the way you want it too after you paint it on. I am finding that I love the colors on the chips, but hate them on the walls! LOL