Friday, June 27, 2008

Added A New Pink Friday Beach Goody

Tropical Delight Handbag
Heads Up!! For those who are getting a late start on your Pink Friday Beach Shopping... I have just posted a new item, just finished this afternoon and ready to be grabbed up by some lucky shopper! This time it's a cute, cute, cute little handbag I call "Tropical Delight" and it's really a fun summer handbag for all your outings! And did I say it's cute? Well ... you decide:
Tropical Delight Handbag at Mama's Pocketbook

Go to the website to see more photos and details! This is a One Of A Kind handbag! I have a feeling it won't last long at only $44.00!!
Makes me want to go on vacation... or at least show it off by going out to eat. Hmmm, should I keep it for myself? Sometimes it's hard not to want to keep all my own bags ... I do love them if I do say so myself! LOL!

Thanks for visiting. Have a fabulous weekend!


Theresa said...

Your work is so beautiful. I wish I was your Fairy Godmother, and could grant you more hours in the day. I can't wait to see what will happen when you find a seamstress who meets your quality test. I really feel your gift is in the creating.... I will pray God sends you a treasure to do the sewing or at least help with it. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and hats off to your patriotic husband. We need more fellows like him.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Debbie said...

Dianne ~ You are a very talented lady. I like this design, too. By, the way, thanks for those links you put on my blog for the bed with bunny finials....I really mean it! And the other site Roseberry Rooms? I mean, I spent way too much time on that site! Thanks a bunch ~ and good luck to you!
Debbie ~ Rosehill Studio