Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sweet Surprise!

Ok, I admit it, I Google "Mama's Pocketbook" fairly often as well as my own name and a few other keywords to see if I'm still showing up out there. Well, today I was excited and sweetly surprised to find a link listed for me at This Next posted by my lovely pink sister from MMP, Kimberly, who owns My Pink Boutique. I had no idea she had recommended my Shabby Chic Tote to the world through that great website! Thanks so much Kimberly!

You really must visit Kimberly's website. She makes the most delicious looking goodies you've ever seen! I posted the pics below of the gorgeous cupcakes I received in my Secret Sister package - they were made by Kimberly! I love having these on my kitchen counter, they are so pretty and *bonus* no calories!

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