Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sweet Belguim Praise

I recently had my first international sale. I'd been a little fearful of shipping overseas but, this very nice lady from Belgium, Carole, emailed me about a purse I had listed on my shop asking if I would ship it to her internationally. I looked into the process and told her what it would cost and really it was very easy all the way around.

When her purse arrived, Carole posted a message to me to tell me that she loved it and that she was going to post about it on her blog: Entre Rêve et Réalité. I'm totally touched at her glowing remarks about her new shoulderbag and so pleased. I do not read or speak French, so I went to and translated her comments so I'd know what she said. WOW, I could just read this over and over! It's so melodic to read the translation and makes me feel 10 feet tall!

Here's the translation:

... I received today my first purchase on ETSY. It acts of UN bag of which I put the photograph to you. I am bluffée by the quality of work and the fabrics are fabulous. I wanted a bag in the tone of red and I am really satisfied. It gives still better in truth. The interior is completely doubled in very good fabrics and the completions were executées with many care and concern of the detail. Frankly I am charmed!

Isn't that awesome! I think "bluffee" means impressed, or as one Pink Sister told me "blown away."

So of course I'm now hoping for lots of International sales! And thanks to Carole's blog entry and comments, I may just get them. The day after her post my traffic went through the roof with visitors from all over Europe and Australia! She must be very popular with her blog! I'm talking about major increases... like quadruple times as many visitors as normal :)


Carole said...

Thx for speaking about my blog ;)
Yes "bluffed" means "impressed".
I am looking forward for seeing other bags on your website. (don't hesitate to let me know)
I have received lots of flatteries from friends... I am proud wearing this bag ;)

Amy @ The Cottage Gate said...

Love your bags!! I too design purses and lots of other things. Very exciting to get some good exposure! I'm a new MMP member and just trying to visit everyone's blogs as I can - good luck!