Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Have A Winner! Congrats Andrea!!

With 73 votes in our Perfect Pocketbook Design Contest Andrea Ferguson, affectionately called Andy Bee, has won the Grand Prize capturing 66.4% of the votes for her design description!
Congrats Andy! Your Grand Prize is a custom made bag created following your description below:
My perfect bag is sort of Betsey Johnson meets Gianni Versace and they travel in a Gypsy Wagon! lol It's medium to largish (but NOT big enough to be an elephant saddlebag!), and FUNKY! It has an adjustable strap, a hoboesque shape, and a zipper closure as well as a flap. It's very much a hodgepodge of textiles and trims in true gypsy style. It must have just a touch of bling, preferably vintage. I like a few pockets inside for girly stuff like phone, lipstick, and keys. I also like a bit of "stability" but not so much tailored stiffness. Rich colors and textures are also a must!
I am so excited to collaborate with you on creating your perfect pocketbook, and once we have it completed we will launch the design as our newest Mama’s Pocketbook Design. This design lends itself perfectly to our design philosophy of creating unique, one-of-a-kind designs with utility, versatility, beauty, and durabilty …. it’s also the perfect design to allow a wide variety of interpretations in fabric, trim and accessories! You have indeed created an incredible new design.
Look for the NEW Original “Andy-Bee” Bag Design on November 7th!

Here are the Final Vote Results
Your Perfect Pocketbook
Which Perfect Pocketbook Description is your favorite?
Andy-Brown Bee Studio - Gypsy Style Hobo
Patricia - Organizer Shoulder Bag
Lilli Blue - Recycled "Green" Tote
total votes: 110
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Andy-Brown Bee Studio said...

OOOOHhhhh, SOOO STOKED! WOO HOO! This is gonna RAWK! Thanks Dianne, for this incredible chance to work on an truly OOAK bag with you! xoxo