Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perfect Pocketbook – TOP 3 for Grand Prize

Choosing the Top 3 entries for the best “Perfect Pocketbook” description was WAY harder than I had thought it would be.  I had to have my husband help me choose, and it was actually great to have someone who is totally impartial and who could judge just by the descriptions alone which ones sounded like winners to him. Now mind you – I realize he doesn’t carry a pocketbook, but he has been around my business of making them long enough to know what goes into making a great one so I think he was a fair judge for the descriptions, but just to be safe – I also had a friend who was not in the contest and my daughter judge the top 6 descriptions so we could narrow it all down to the 3 best ones.
So without further ado… Here are the Top 3 Perfect Pockebook Descriptions and the ladies who submitted them!

THERE IS A POLL ON THE RIGHT - Read the descriptions below and VOTE for your favorite!
In no particular order …

Andy-Brown Bee Studio said...

My perfect bag is sort of Betsey Johnson meets Gianni Versace and they travel in a Gypsy Wagon! lol It's medium to largish (but NOT big enough to be an elephant saddlebag!), and FUNKY! It has an adjustable strap, a hoboesque shape, and a zipper closure as well as a flap. It's very much a hodgepodge of textiles and trims in true gypsy style. It must have just a touch of bling, preferably vintage. I like a few pockets inside for girly stuff like phone, lipstick, and keys. I also like a bit of "stability" but not so much tailored stiffness. Rich colors and textures are also a must!

Lilli Blue said... 

… It is hard to say what my favorite pocketbook would look like. I have so many I love. I collect vintage handbags.
Right now I am loving a tote. One pocket inside near the bottom so the goodies don't fall out.
I would like it be made out of something recycled. Old coat becomes tote. So many textiles end up in land fills.
The idea of a tote for shopping that keeps us away from plastic/paper bags. Made from recycled goodies and helps the planet.
I like to toss my smaller everyday bag in the bottom of a tote.

Patricia said...

Oh fun fun fun! My perfect pocketbook has to have lots of pockets and compartments. One for a cell phone,ipod, pens,small notepad, lipgloss, glasses, keys (maybe with a leash so they don't wander to the depths), checkbook, wallet then a shoulder strap, easy open and secure close, durable fabric spot cleanable.
NOW … To determine the winner – I have posted a POLL over on the Right Hand Sidebar and our 3 contenders can encourage others to vote for their description, and I’ll promote this voting method every day this week on Twitter and FB  to help collect votes for all.

Oh, and I will be sending out consolation prizes to the 2 entries that come in 2nd and 3rd! Thanks so much for participating in our contest!


Theresa said...

I vote for Andie Bee the Gypsy Boho Queen.

Dianne Hadaway said...

Thanks Theresa... but I need to make sure you vote on the Poll posted on the right hand side of the blog, all the votes are being counted by the Poll.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Patricia. All keys need to be leashed!:)