Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Purse Personality Test « KMVQ MOViN 99.7 San Francisco

Found this interesting little psychological profile test in my inbox this morning. I'd love to know what you think - What's your Purse Pursonality?  Are you a fashionista, a designer snob, eco-conscious, casual chic? Don't forget to come back and post a comment for me telling me your purse personality style!

That's all you have to do to be entered in a random number drawing for one of my OOAK Card Cases on Monday, May 3rd!   Ohh UPDATE: That's all you have to do to get one entry,  but...
Here's some more ways to get an entry:

  • Follow my blog (already, or as a newbie),
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You can earn another entry for each way you help spread the word! Just let me know in your comment how you shared! 


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Fun! I am definitely not a designer snob - I actually don't care for the ones with the logo plastered all over it! I like the one of a kind - LOVE handmade and different! And by the way, I use my card case all the time Dianne~ Have a great day!

gail said...

Hi Dianne..what a fun question. I am definately not a lable person. I think they are kind of ugly and unoriginal. I like sooo many different purse. I am sure I have over 100. Out of the styles on the test I think I am probably the hobo bag gal. LOL
I also love my business card case. I use it all of the time too. Thanks for some fun today.
Happy creating, gail

Christie Funkhouser said...

I have no fashion when it comes to buying Purse's When I do buy one I do like it to last along time so I get a good one. My diaper Bag is usually my Purse :)

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

That's interesting! I'm between being practical and vintage. I prefer vintage, but I have to carry so much, I need a bigger bag!

I love your business card cases!!!


Kath' said...

This was really fun. I don't have a bag like any of them. But, mine would be the vintage bag. That mostly me. But, the decription on the Hobo bag having to fill it to the brim is me all the way. It gets so full and everyone teases me. I love the card cases. You know I am a fan of them. Come join my bolg contest as well. Kath

Shabby Shan said...

Hi Dianne...what a fun giveaway! I am a clutch girl. I don't really like to carry a lot of stuff, as long as I have some money with me I'm ready to go! I don't have one of your card cases yet, so I would love to win one! They are so pretty...I love them!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

lisa said...

Out of the choices given I would have to say that I'm more the "hobo style".

I like casual and roomy.

Thanks for the fun giveaway.

I use my card case every day too, I keep my cell phone in it. :)

Georgia said...

Very fun info! My most favorite is vintage or handmade like yours but form the list on the "test" I would choose the Structured Coach bag.
I am, after all, OCD and love things to stay put!!

Love and hugs!

Eileen said...

That was fun Dianne! I guess I'm closest to the Hobo bag, but I also buy a purse because it has all the right pockets! Somehow things always end up in the niddle anyway! Love your work!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Your card cases are adorable. I tested at the designer bag which is funny because I loove purses but don't have to have a designer one- they just have to be cute ;)

Mary Patterson said...

Love, Love, Love your card cases! I guess I am more of a Hobo bag person, though I like things about several different ones. What a neat contest - you ought to draw a LOT of attention!
Mary P.

LunaVesta said...

I would say i am a 6 or a 7. I have a few 6's so that I can carry flea market ot yard sale treasures in them. I really love #7 though.I like handmade Hobo bags too.

Ahuva said...

Hi Dianne,

I love your blog and all the fun stuff in it. Of course I took the test and have to say that, although I don't own any designer bags, I am definitely a Classic type bag. My bags usually go for decades and are never out of date.

I loved your business card cases. They are adorable

By the way, do you know of any diaper changing carrying cases, or bags, or mats' patterns?
I will becoming a grandmother soon, and I am so thrilled that all my time is being spent in sewing, knitting and quilting for the new baby. I thought that such an item (the diaper changing 'something') would make my daughter-in-law very pleased.
Thanks in advance,
Ahuva from Brazil

Andi-Brown Bee Studio said...

I think I'm a mixture of classic and OOAK...I'm just sayin! ROFLOL Thanks for the fun giveaway Dianne! xoxo

Broken China Treasures said...

What a great idea! I'm more of a classic. Actually, I recently replaced my last purse (which I had for 6 years) with a very similar style and had a little throwing away ceremony right there in the mall parking lot!!

Roxie said...

Hi Dianne. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I hope that you will follow along as I take on this ever so scary task of putting myself out there in the way of journaling my weight loss and getting healthy.
Thanks for all your input, it's always appreciated!

Christie Funkhouser said...

Ok so I am going to leave two Hope that is ok

carolineAlexander said...

I am the signature bag and the hobo bag. There are so many fakes on the market that I seem to not carry all my good bags anymore. That was fun, thank you.

Kath' said...

I am following your network blog and your other blog. Kath'

Kath' said...

I am tweeting about your giveaway. I forgot to do all these other steps when I was on here the other day. Kath'

Kath' said...

I am putting your blog contest on my blog. Have a wonderful day.. Kath'

Kath' said...

I am facebooking about your giveaway.. Kath'