Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Card Cases Coming Up!

I just love sewing up these fun little card cases. They may be little but they do big work organizing your purse. I keep 3 of them in my Pouchee organizer. They fit perfectly in there. One for my biz cards, one for cards I collect from others, and one for change. They will hold up to 50 business cards each. Each is a one of a kind, with a mix of fabrics, a handmade yo-yo and an antique or unique button or bit of bling.

You can design your own and order them on my website at Mama’s Pocketbook, and BIG NEWS - starting this week I will be listing lots of ready made ones. To celebrate adding the ready made / ready to order card cases I’ll be posting a giveaway on Monday (4/26) …so stay tuned!


 DSC03952   DSC03953 DSC03955DSC02959


Micah said...

Nice product! I like the blending of colors and also the design was fantastic!

Trisha said...

Love, love, love these!

Mary Patterson said...

I love these - so cute AND practical. You are VERY creative!
Mary P