Monday, February 26, 2007


Yay, I have a visitor! Let me introduce myself ... I'm Dianne Hadaway and Mama's Pocketbook is my online boutique and in-home studio where I create beautiful one-of-a-kind pocketbooks, totes, accessory bags, wallets, diaperbags, handbags, aprons, kitchen accessories, home & office accessories, sachets, bed & bath items, gardening smocks, baby & nursery items, children's clothing, and other personal, home & office accessories.

Ok ... at least, I have ambitions to create all those things. I have the designs right here in my head.

And I have the fabrics. The fabrics are everywhere, stacks and stacks of fabrics, plastic bins full of fabrics (or would that be binfulls?), and my mother's cedar chest full of fabrics, I had to start this business to justify buying more fabrics, because there are no 12 step programs for fabricaholics as far as I know. Not that I'd want to be cured when I can create instead!

For now, I have the pocketbooks and totes (check out my website) and I'm working on getting at least a few offerings in all the other categories made for you. So, I guess I better stop posting and get busy sewing. Thanks for stopping by! Please add my blog to your list and bear with me as I get going with it!

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