Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 is Off to an Exciting Start!

Wow what a January this has been! It has been a very eventful past 3 weeks, so I'm just now getting started with my blogging for 2011!

The first week of the year we were just getting back into the groove of the regular school schedule and getting over the holidays when into week two we were surprised to get a doozy of a snowstorm - in North Georgia! We rarely ever get snow like that! That snow turned the whole second week of the year into an unexpected additional vacation week. With the kids out of school we just sort of took it easy and enjoyed playing in the over 8" of snow!

Week 3 was a much more productive week - I had been brainstorming with Andy Bee, my sweet crafty friend of Brown Bee Studio and as we were mulling over some ideas for reaching out of our comfort zones and trying new ways to market our businesses, I mentioned that I had been thinking of getting in touch with Jillian Harris (former ABC Bachelorette), who is now working with the design team at Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I had the chance to meet Jillian very briefly last year in LA at the wedding of Jason & Molly Mesnick, and since EMHE is one of my favorite shows of all (I get my weekly Sunday night crying done watching it!) I thought I'd see if Jason might put me in touch with Jillian.

Well, let me tell you .... the Law of Attraction really does work! I had only just started thinking these thoughts when I saw Jilly post on Facebook about looking for clothing, shoes, etc. for the girls & Mom in the family in Beaufort, SC for whom EMHE was building a home. I replied to her that if she ever needed purses to let me know and I'd be happy to donate. I was elated to get a quick email from Jillian saying she'd love to have my bags! The reveal was in less than a week so I had quite a lot of sewing to get done to make three custom bags! It was truly a labor of love and an honor to give to this family - what an amazing way to kick off the new year huh?!!

I'm not sure when the show will air, but I'll post an update when I find out. Meanwhile, here's a peak at the bags I made. Jillian is supposed to be sending me images of the bags in the girls and mom's rooms - I hope she had a chance to take them as the bags arrived only shortly before the big reveal!

This messenger bag was made for Briana, the 14 year old in her favorite colors
This Navy Floral Hobo is actually a diaper bag made from Amy Butler's Nappy Bag Pattern!
The Nappy Bag was for the Mom, who also has a one year old baby girl.
This fun Frogs & Insects tote was for Izzy the 8 year old tomboy in the family.

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Jackie said...

I can't believe N. Ga. got so much snow! My sis lives in TN and they had about the same amount! No snow here in Fl though, rain and cold here lately.

I love the bags that you made for EHM .... that is a Labor of Love!

Will look forward to seeing them on T.V.