Sunday, June 14, 2009

PURSE’onality Bags

"The Original Slip Covered Shoulder Bag"

Change Your PURSE'onality Easy As 1-2-3
Never leave things behind, Simply change the outer cover of your bag! You can even change the strap and tie.

INTRODUCING NEW FABRIC CHOICES!! I’ve just added 19 Solid Cotton (10 oz.) color choices for the base bags and 60 Print Cotton choices for the reversible slipcovers!

We’ve-engineered the handy basic tote and created the HOTTEST NEW fashion accessory concept for girls and women of every age and style. Now you can change the look of your handbag as easy as 1-2-3 without ever removing the contents of your bag!

Precision engineering makes this system work like a charm! The base bag features lots of storage  with a large zippered pocket and multiple interior pockets, a velcro key fob, and magnetic closure , and along the top edge, silver grommets. The reversible covers also have the precision aligned grommets that allow you to slipcover your bag – simply slip the cover on and tie it on through the grommets. You can leave you bag flat and wide or cinch it up a bit. There are even upgrades – an adjustable strap and a variety of braided leather or suede bolo ties.

Convenience is only part of the beauty of this system, it's also, well ... beautiful in every other way too! No matter what your style - from teen to drama queen, from mom to grandmom, from business executive to sports enthusiast, college sorority girl to red hat society lady - everyone can create their perfect tote with the PURSE`onality Bag system.

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Kris said...

Some people collect shoes, I collect purses. I love these. What a great idea!!