Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Pattern Giveaway

Last time I did an Amy Butler pattern giveaway everyone loved it, so I thought I'd make it a monthly event here at Mama's Pocketbook! You like? Sweet... So, here's what 'cha do ... Post a comment and tell me why you should win this month's pattern! 

Ok, this month I think we all need some warmth and sunshine and are looking forward to spucing up our homes for Spring! Well, I have just the thing. Amy Butler's Midwest Mod Pillows is our giveaway pattern for February!

Three styles of pillows and they are so stylishly delicious! This is an easy, and affordable way to add some new color and update your rooms. Click here to see more about the pattern on my site!

Seriously have you priced pillows in the home furnishing stores - I don't think I can justify hundreds of dollars for pillows when it's so easy to make new ones! Or just add a zipper or a flap opening to the back of any of these pillows and cover your old ones! Hmmm, maybe that should be my next tutorial huh? Ok, I'll work on that and you tell me what you think of this pattern and why YOU should win it. 

Yep, I'm gonna make you work for this giveaway. I want to know something about how you'll use the pattern. Will you cover your existing pillows? Do you want the pattern for a friend? How about which room you'll make pillows for and what fabrics you'll use? Share with us all, lets get inspired to freshen up our living spaces. It's been cold too long, lets dust things off, and make some pretty pillows. Ahhh, I love accessorizing! Don't you?

Oh, I forgot about when to give it away! LOL! Silly me! Ok, how about Valentine's Day, that gives everyone a week to get their posts in to convince me of who should get the pattern. I'll make it fair by having my daughter and my husband read the comments and help pick the winner!  If we can't agree, maybe we'll even pick two winners. You just never know with me. I like to make the rules up as I go along!

Added 2/6  Wow... I am loving the comments, everyone's reasons for wanting this pattern are so compelling... I think what I'll do is have my family help me decide on one winner based on the comments explaining why they would love to win and have a drawing from the rest of the comments to make it fair to everyone to have a chance at winning. Sound good? Keep those comments coming then and you'll have two chances to win! XOXO Dianne


Lilli Blue said...

I would love to win this pattern. I have been sorting my fabric collection and have a stack that I have been saving for years. The stuff I consider the best of my collection.
My Mom always said that " Today is a good enough day for the good china."
So I have decided to use all my best fabric and stop saving it for a good enough project.
The fabrics are silks and satins. Some velvets too. All vintage.
I have vintage buttons and tassels that would make wonderful accents.
It is time to use the best of the best and this would be a lovely way to do it.
Thanks for the fun give away. Lilli

Nancy said...

Hi Dianne,
Well, I guess I am the first here with a winning spirit! Well for starters, I have a brand new sewing machine that I got after our home burnt down 3 years ago. Marching being National Crafters Month or is National Sewing Month? None the less my new office/craft room will be finished and I am breaking the machine out of the box. I have been collecting fabrics for what? New Pillows! One pattern I recently purchased from you. I Love Pillows in a room as to me they show warmth and comfort. A real make yourself at home affect. And Yikes new Designer Pillows are so expensive, like an arm and a leg which I am not yet ready to part with. So, Yes, Yes I would love to be the winner of this Beautiful Pattern by Amy Butler! Thanks Dianne for the opportunity to Win! Huggs, Nancy

Beloved Creations said...

I would love to win this pattern so that I can sew up some wonderful new pillows for my couch. I have a chocolate brown couch and I can see pink, blue, red, and more pillows with AB fabric.

Kim said...

I would love to win the pattern, and to be honest I just like to win lol and I haven't won anything on the blogs yet. But seriously I would use the pillows in my living room as well as share the pattern with a friend and we can make them together. I think it would be a great gift (making the pillows). It will be a first for me (making pillows) always good to keep your mind sharp, trying something new. I think satins/brocades with lace and velvet. A little old fashioned charm. Thank you for the giveaway.

Patricia said...

I would love to win this pattern! It's time to perk up the living room/hospital room. We have DH's hospital bed in there and the room needs some cheering up! He's in there constantly so I feel the need to change the scenery periodically! Pillows is always the first thing I switch out.

Casey Locklear said...

My husband and I just bought our first house. We're newly weds, October 17, 2008, and we're going to be on a tight budget for the next oh 30 years! There are a lot of things that need to be done so I won't have TONS of time but I'm sure I can fit in a couple pillows! And I would love to be able to put some great pillows in our new living room! So thats why I would love to win this will help make the new chapter in our lives BEAUTIFUL!

lisa said...


What a generous giveaway. I have oodles of beautiful fabric. I know I could find the perfect one for a gorgeous Mod pillow.


Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

I, too, would love to win this pattern! I made a pact with myself to give each of the younger generation in my family a made by me gift for Christmas this year. Their ages range from 23 to 8, with one boy amidst seven girls. Tailored for each personality, these would be the perfect gift! I have a couple of old tattered quilts my Great Gramma made...these pillows would also be a great way to share a little piece of her with the rest of the family. Thank you so much for offering this fantastic opportunity! xoxo Andie

gail said...

Well, I would have to make some great pillows for my kitties. They LOVE pillows, I dont have enough for all of them and I have terrible fights! LOL And what else am I going to do with all of my fabric stash :)
Hugs to you,,,, always,,,gail

Gayle (The Shabby Crafter) said...

Oh I NEEEEEED this! These would be an adorable addition to my new bedroom redo!!!! Cute, cute, cute!!!

serra said...

hey! I just had my first baby girl two months ago and I am in need of a serious crafty pick-me-up!! And besides that, I have been frowning at the prices of pillows for the past year since my husband and I bought of first house. We haven't gotten any throw pillows for our bed because of limited cash...Who can afford pillows? So I'd love to take your tutorial and spruce up the colors in my life through pillows. And better yet, pillows I've made myself! (with your help :)

Please! make my dreams come true!