Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Wrap Those GIft Cards!

If you are like me, this year a lot of people on your list really just want gift cards for Christmas.  My daughter and my niece want gift cards to their  favorite stores and for downloading music and  my sisters-in-law enjoy getting gift cards for buying fabric and sewing notions, books, groceries, meals at great restaurants and for going to the movies.

It used to seem like giving a gift card was not a very thoughtful gift, but with the current changes in the economy, more and more family and friends are asking for gift cards so they can use them for what they really want or need, when  they are ready to shop. It makes perfect sense,  and you can get a gift card just about anywhere for anything!

And what better way to "wrap" and present those gift cards than with a multi-purpose Mama's  Pocketbook Card Case! You'll find a variety of fabrics, or choose the Misc. Florals option to be surprised! 

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