Friday, July 18, 2008

Strolling The Garden Path this Pink Friday ...

Are you hooked on's PINK FRIDAY events yet? If not, come and join us today for a stroll down The Garden Path to find all kinds of beautiful garden treasures. Think of it as a lovely public garden, with quaint little kiosk vendors set all along the trail, offering their wares to beautify your own garden and home. Take your time browsing the shops, have some tea or coffee along the way and enjoy the scenery! But be sure to take advantage of the very special deals you'll find as you move along, because they won't last long at the special Pink Friday offerings.

It was sweet luck for me that we moved from the Cottage Porch of last week, out into The Garden Path this week, as it gave me a chance to create more of my inspired Porch Pouches, which are perfect for gathering the flowers of your garden and displaying them for your enjoyment. They make mighty fine totes for shopping and browsing too as they have nice big pockets inside and don't let their beauty belie their strength ... they are made to last and be used!

I don't really have a "garden" at our home yet, and since the dogs have free reign of the back yard, they would just destroy it. So, we won't put one in until we put up a divider fence in the back to give them their space and reclaim the rest of the yard for ourselves. I hope we can start on that soon!

My version of a garden is my lovely back deck, it's very nice out there and I am quite proud of my attempts at growing tomatoes! I may have to get some more plants, but I'm giving these a chance first.
I'm not a natural at this green thumb stuff! But I do LOVE FLOWERS, especially when it comes to floral fabrics. My studio is a virtual garden as I have collected hundreds of yards of beautiful floral fabrics over the years. That's why I'm having so much fun creating these Porch Pouches, they are a perfect way to show off the gorgeous flowers of my fabric garden!

(right) Blue Love Song Porch Pouch

(Below) English Garden Porch Pouch .
I hope you'll visit my shop today and with the other MMP Boutiques too! Have fun as you stroll peacefully along the garden path.
Have a blessed weekend!


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Dianne!

I so look forward to seeing your latest creations! You did a beautiful job with the Porch and Garden handbags. Love your work! I'm not kidding ,but one day you will see your bags everywhere!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

What beautiful pictures, you photography is fabulous! Love your blog... will be back :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Dianne, Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your porch pouches are heavenly. I have started using cloth totes when I go to the grocery store and just love them. Yesterday while at the store two people stopped me and ask me about my cloth bags. Hope you have a super great day. ~ Lynn

Roxie said...

Your porch pouches are perfect. Wow, that sounded like a tongue twister. LOL
Gorgeous blog header!