Thursday, March 13, 2008

Painting Chicago Pink!

It may be St. Patty's weekend, but OH BOY! Watch out Chicago ... the ladies from are on their way to paint your town PINK!

Twenty some of us are heading to Chicago and meeting up tomorrow where we are going to luxuriate all together in a very special place, and on Saturday we will all attend the Country Living Magazine 2008 Women Entrepreneurs Event, where our beloved Pink leader and mentor, Joyce Lucas, is featured as one of the magazine's Women Entrepreneur of the Year! I am unbelievably excited to be going there too! I can't wait to meet all the lovely ladies I've been getting to know and have become close friends with over the past two years. We are going to have SOME FUN!!

Joyce is the most deserving person ever for this acknowledgement and nod to her giving, teaching, mentoring, encouraging, loving, caring spirit. She is the heart of and has won all of our hearts too! Join us in celebrating her creative spirit!

Not only do we get to meet, hang out, and attend this fabulous event together, there are four of us who are getting the opportunity to "Pitch Your Product" to the editorial staff of Country Living Magazine! Karen of Sweet Necessi-Teas, Sharon of C'est Chouette, Roxie of Business In THE Bag, and lil' ol me are all pitching our products for a chance to be featured in the magazine! Too exciting! I am so thrilled to be one of those four! I'm so nervous, I haven't flown in over 20 years or even taken any trips alone in the past 15 or so, but I'm more excited than nervous ... at the moment anyway.

I've been trying to perfect my "pitch" and I tried it out on my husband tonight and he said he thought it was good. I hope it is. I started too late (typical writer) trying to polish and write it and get it just right. I'm also exhausted from so many 18 hour days lately trying to fill orders, create my new product that I'm pitching ... called "PURSE`onality Bags TM! and shop and prepare for this awesome weekend. Maybe it's a good thing to be exhausted so I will sleep tonight.

Well, it's midnight, I'm operating on 3 hours sleep last night and I'm about to crash but I still have to finish packing. I have my samples ready... and I will be taking lots of photos to share on the blog next week! I promise, I'll take some pics of the new line and launch it on my website next week.
Have a fantastic weekend!!

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Janet Bernasconi said...

OOOH I am so excited to know I will be meeting all of you this weekend in Chicago! I'm so happy for Joyce and can't wait to have fun with all of you. Love your blog Dianne. See you soon!
Janet's Creative Pillows