Friday, August 17, 2007

Catching Up After Summer Flu (and Flew!)

I'm used to being in a fairly continuous state of playing "catch-up" and I don't think that's all that unusual or remarkable. After all, like most of the women I know, I wear many hats ... from wife and mother, to entreprenuer, writer, designer, and consultant, and about a thousand things in between.

My PINK friends and I are go-getters, we blast through to-do-lists, we take on challenges left and right and we do it with joy and excitement because we are living our dreams. To get to do what you love everyday is a highly motivating blessing. So, it's not lack of motivation, and it's certainly not lack of desire that has me dropping all the plates I have spinning in my balancing act ... It's the horrible, dreaded, dratted, SUMMER FLU! BLEH!

I've almost fully recovered now after two weeks of this nastiness, the last week of which I was joined in my misery by my husband and my son. In this case misery definitely did not love company. (And speaking of which, we also had out of town company coming this week! - but that's another post for later!)

I had big plans for August. Best laid plans. But with this flu suddenly my summer flew - as in - OMG, it's already the middle of August! ACK! HELP!

I'm so lucky that I seem to have been blessed with some of the most patient customers in the universe. So far no one has been mad at me for having to wait a while for their purses and I thank them deeply for that (and I'm sending extra goodies to those few of you who have been forced to wait for your orders... trust me, you'll be glad I did not spread my germies to your pocketbooks!)

But never fear, I'm recovered and back to work full steam ahead now. My house is probably the cleanest it's ever been or ever will be thanks to the constant disinfecting we've been doing and the fact that my brother and SIL were coming to visit, so everyone pitched in and got the place looking pretty spiffy!

It may be a few more days before I actually get to where I can do this blog justice. I'm so jealous of all my hyper-blogger buddies out there. I don't know how some of my friends like Sharon of C'est Chouette, or Joyce of Cottage Collections do it. These are two of the busiest ladies I've ever known but they also keep amazing blogs! They are my blog inspirations. Maybe now that I've had my flu bug come and go (along with my summer! Grrr) I will be bug free from here on out and can catch up on the 4,381 or so items on my to-do list. I have hope! I am WOMAN ya know!

OH, and I've been tagged while I was sick... so now I have to go and find 7 friends who have not been tagged and tag them and then post about my prestigious tagging adventure!

Whew, ok. Item one. Update Blog. Check. TTYL!


Sweet Remembrance said...

Dianne...So glad you are feeling better! Thanks again for my SS it all!

Sharon said...

OH!! I don't think I have ever been told that I am some one's inspiration~ thank you so very much! (())
But I know you and I know you can do it all too! :-)