Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016! It's a New Year and A New Start

Hello Friends!  I hope there are still some of you out there! 

So we are well into January 2016 and I for one am thrilled to get to sweep the old year out the door and bring in a fresh new start! And even though I'll still be dealing with some vestiges from 2015, I'm focused on moving forward and creating a great new start for Mama's Pocketbook and Prissy Gypsy.

I'm always learning about new ways to market my business and blogging is something I've only played at in the past. I know, I know, I've said before that I was going to get better at it, I do have reason to feel that this year can be different since I'm no longer doing EVERYTHING by myself. 

Mama's Pocketbook & Prissy Gypsy now have an amazing support team and we are branching out into other markets this year. I tested the waters with our local weekend Market Days last Fall (see table photo above) and found that it is a really fun and awesome way to meet new people and find new customers. So that will start up again in April. Can't wait!!

In addition to having our bags located at Hudson's Farm Fresh here in Columbus, GA, we are working on putting product in a few other area shops and markets. Lastly - we are on the waiting list for a fabulous booth location in a beautiful local antique mall. If you haven't already be sure to follow our blog, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to learn of our newest creative endeavors, products, and activities.

Thanks for hanging in there as we climbed the mountain of the past few years. God is good all the time and He is moving that mountain for us!!

God Bless! 

Dianne & Kim

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hot Mess Bloggin'

Hey there! 
Bet you thought this blog was DEAD!  Well, I have been neglectful in feeding it .. it needs nourishment, some TLC ... maybe even total resussitation!

I truly am a hot mess when it comes to blogging. But I keep coming back so I hope you will too! While I have been letting the blog linger, I've been breathing new life into Mama's Pocketbook and I'm finally good with the way the website is shaping up. It's not perfect, but then again it never will be. That's ok, those of us who love the pretty things, the creative souls, the sweetness of life don't really want perfectionism. We just want to love what we love and love what we do. Right? 

SO... I have some very pretty new Cross Body Bags and Sienna Handbags to share, as well as some NEWS about our forward progress here at Mama's Pocketbook.

I announced it on my Mama's Pocketbook Facebook Page that my fiance, Kim Long, is joining me as co-owner of our business and bringing us his wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing, and taking control of the business side of things to give me more time for the creative side of things. This is a dream come true for me as a fabric artist who prefers the creative side to the business side. Kim will be updating the website, newsletter and yes, this blog will get new life under his care. He will wear many hats here ... writing content, shipping orders, bringing me frappacinos (made on my new Nutra Ninja Plus!), and other duties as assigned. (Yes, I'm still Queen here). 

In other News - I'm literally on pins and needles to roll out a new line of LINEN bags for Fall/Winter. There will be options for customizing these bags to your liking or buying the OOAK designs I am making.  So excited about these. They will incorporate my beloved floral fabrics  - subtle and fairly neutral on the outside and bursting with color on the inside. I may just stay up all night to finish one of these so I can get some photos out here. I tried for the past hour to add some photos, but Blogger does not want to behave ... So Meanwhile.... here's the current offerings of

Cross Body Bags
Amy Butler Ready Made Bags
New Fabric Choices for Design Your Own Tote Kits
New Fabric Choices for Custom Card Cases
Swoon Patterns

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Spring Everyone! I'm Back!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Finally Spring has sprung here in Georgia. And I feel as if finally Spring has sprung in my life and heart. I am happily creative again after a very long healing and rebuilding period in my life. I am so grateful to all of you who have patiently waited and stayed supportive of me as I focused on more personal life events. By God's immense Grace I am here today, feeling very strong, loved, capable, excited ... actually PASSIONATE again about my creative work. So ... Here's what I've been doing behind the scenes to prepare for this beautiful Spring!


Welcome to Mama's Pocketbook reborn!  My website is about 80% rebuilt and let me tell ya - that has been a real labor of love. Being that I am very OCD about my website (and many other things) many, many, many hours have gone into the update of my website. I am proud to say it is now going to be considerably more user friendly with pull down menus and a purging of old pages and dead links. Yes, I still have a lot of work to do, but it is functional and I have finally taught myself some shortcuts to building out the pages I want. (Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?!) 


Over the past six months or so I have been very busy not only with the website update but with quite a lot of custom work. I love making custom items and stretching myself creatively. I created several custom bags, altered & embellished jean jackets, bridesmaids clutches, curtains, and various one-of-a-kind items. I have not been idle by any means, but I am very excited to be creating again for Mama's Pocketbook and my other budding venture "Prissy Gypsy" - there will be more good things to come for that label for Spring and Summer so please stay tuned for some scrumptious lacy, boho, altered goodies there. 

I'm really excited to be creating new designs, some inspired by other artists who have graciously offered their patterns for artists like me to use for resale, and some of my own designs of course. Below are my three newest offerings based on a pattern called the June Bag by Melissa Mortenson of Fourteen May . I've added a few touches of my own - adjustable strap, and extra pockets inside, trimmings and vintage brooches to name a few. I was really inspired by this pattern because it lends itself to my signature mix of fabric colors, patterns and textures.  More to come of these and many other designs! Thank you to all who take the time to read my blog. I am blessed by you!!
~ Dianne

    Dragon Cross Body Bag                                 June Cross Body Bag
 Pink Roses Cross Body Bag
Pink Roses Cross Body Bag

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tote & coordinated Fabric Card Cases & Tissue Cover with Printed Tissues
One of a Kind - In stock - READY TO SHIP NOW!

Caitlin Tote Mama's Pocketbook

I just love this Spring-y Happy Fabric Ensemble
Caitlin Tote & Accessories Set
is a One of A Kind Original Design!
Includes 2 fabric card cases/organizers & a coordinated tissue cover with printed tissues

Caitlin Tote, 2 Card Cases & Tissue Cover with Printed Tissues
Now Sale Priced at $48.00 for the set

What beautiful fresh Spring colors!
This is a one-of-a-kind tote set with accessories!
I've fashioned my basic tote pattern from a gorgeous print called Caitlin Blooms by Alexander Henry and coordinated the outer pocket and interior lining with Amy Butler's retired Okra Eyelashes from her Belle collection. The tiny ruffle and fabric flower are created from another retired Amy Butler Belle fabric called Chrysanthemum in Okra. These fabrics are no longer available commercially, so you will definitely have a OOAK set!

The outer shell features a large lined slip pocket with a cute little ruffle, fabric rose and a perfect vintage dragonfly pin!
Not only is it gorgeous on the outside, inside it is also lined with Amy Butler's Okra Eyelashes fabric and there two slip pockets on one side that are perfect for cell phones, cameras, iPods or other small electrical devices and a large pocket on the other side that will hold your Kindle, iPad, Nook or other larger devices. There's plenty of room to spare inside for all your other essentials as well! And the included card cases/organizers and tissue cover all help keep this tote organized and ready to serve you as a great day bag or shopper!

All pockets are fully lined and corners are securely V-stitched, of course… nothing is ever flimsy about my bags!

12" drop padded and channel quilted shoulder strap from shoulder to top of bag.
11.5” tall and 14” wide, this bag wears comfortably and securely against your body. Perfect for shopping, antiquing, treasure hunting, and all manner of outings!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mama's Pocketbook – NEW! Miranda Hobo Sling Bag

Mama's Pocketbook - Miranda Hobo Sling Bag is my newest creation.

I’m so happy to present a new Miranda Hobo Sling Bag. This is a One of A Kind Original Design! I have also created some optional accessories: A set of 3 coordinated card cases to help organize your new bag.

These bright colors are sure to get your attention - and everyone else's attention too! But only one lucky girl can carry this bag because it is truly a one-of-a-kind!

The outer shell features coordinate fabrics with huge roses - black background on one side, red on the other. I believe these are Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I bought only one yard of each print quite a long time ago and cannot find them anywhere again.


The beautiful butterfly fabric is authentic vintage fabric by C S Shamash & Sons. There are 12 colors in this gorgeously detailed print on black background, picking up all the colors in the other two fabrics. The fabric is strong and in like new condition, having been carefully stored and protected. I have used a lightweight sew in interfacing to add additional shaping and support to the fabric as well. Not only is it gorgeous on the outside as a large lined pocket that has a velcro closure. Miranda is also lined with this beautiful butterfly fabric.







There are two slip pockets inside with ample room for your cell phone/camera, iPad, tablet, or reader and plenty of room for other purse essentials and organizers. All pockets are fully lined and corners are securely V-stitched, of course… nothing is ever flimsy about my bags! Closes with a black magnetic closure that is securely installed with additional padding and stitching so it will not tear the fabric with use.

As with all my designs, you'll also receive a matching tissue cover with pretty printed tissues.
Other matching accessories are availble as well!
14" drop padded shoulder strap from shoulder to top of bag.
11.5” tall and 16” wide, this bag wears comfortably and securely against your body. Perfect for shopping, antiquing, treasure hunting, and all manner of outings!

Click on any image or the title links to go to the details & ordering page at