Friday, February 5, 2010

February Pouchee Sale!

Pouchees® - The Ultimate Purse Organizer

Organizing your purse is easy with our new Pouchee Purse Organizer!
As Featured in the December 2009 Romantic Homes Magazine!!


Are you always hunting for your glasses, can't find your lipstick, have to dig for your check book?

Now those days are over! You can find all your essentials as easy as 1-2-3!

One side has credit card pockets and a smaller pocket (pen, glasses work great.) The other side has 2 pockets that a cell phone fits in.

1) Load your new Pouchee with your check book, cell phone, pen, glasses, lipstick, credit cards, money, loose change, gum and many other items.

2) Pick up the Pouchee by the round metal handles and place in your purse.

3) Open your purse and everything is right where you put it!

Designed with organization in mind:

  • Six credit card pockets
  • Four other pockets on the outside that are great for your cell phone, glasses, pager etc.
  • Inside contains a zippered pocket for money, loose change or anything else you may want to stay hidden
  • Two small interior pouches for lipsticks or more pens
  • Divided middle with 2 roomy sides that can fit your checkbook, wallet or PDA
  • Expands to 4" wide Changing purses is no longer a hassle! You can change purses with every change of outfits - without a problem!
  • Handy Rings for ease of changing purses and bags.
  • 100% cotton exterior and nylon interior making them gentle cycle machine washable.
  • Width: 7.5”, Height: 5.25”, Depth: 3.5”

Now you'll always have a place for your: Wallet or checkbook credit cards and driver's license keys lipstick and other cosmetics sunglasses money tissues mints / gum and much more!

Cotton Pouchees – Regularly $23 – FEB SALE PRICE $19

Special LTD Edition Breast Cancer Pink Pouchee – Reg. $25 – FEB SALE $21

Mama's Pocketbook & MMP Friday Shopping event February 5th "One of a kind treasures"

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday February 5th 2010 as we present "One of a kind treasures"

Mama's Pocketbook has many One of a Kind items to offer you today during the MMP Friday Shopping Event!

One of a kind treasures give you an opportunity to celebrate your own unique style pretty easily. Whether you prefer fun and whimsical designs, or if you go for nostalgic pieces that add a cozy touch, these exclusive finds delight us like nothing else can because nothing else is exactly like them.
Unexpected treasures like unique antiques rescued from dusty corners, made to look like new and restored to their rightful place of honor with a fun and maybe unique color of paint,  always excite me.  I can see the potential in just about any old piece I come across. There’s something about the thrill of time-worn pieces resurrected with love and care, a little bit of paint and becoming a one of a kind treasures you can't wait to show off.  We treasure these pieces of the past, so beautifully preserved and restored, even if they’re not a part of our own past.
If you have a more eclectic or whimsical side, the online boutiques on make Mine Pink have become well known as a place to find wonderful handcrafted designs. You might find one of a kind hand-crafted mermaid earrings, or hand stitched quilts to place on a guest bed, in patterns that could not be replicated even if you tried. Perhaps a needlepoint pillow with an imagined history so rich that Marie Antoinette herself may have perched her feet upon the intricate design of the once foot stool, now pillow. Anything that makes you smile with nostalgia for the past or delight for the fun side of you, must be a treasure. Fairy houses to welcome sweet dreams and special friends, unique accessories made of clay, ribbons, glitter and beads, altered art like Cinderella slippers dressed in handmade roses and trimmed with the prettiest lace are just a few of the things that you’ll find at Make Mine Pink.
I find that when we decorate our homes and sprinkle our days with one of a kind treasures like some of the things mentioned, we discover our own distinctive sense of style. We are creating a space that reflects our unique personalities and make room for us to explore new ideas and try new things. Our one of a kind treasures remind us that each one of us is truly one of a kind.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: The Polka Dot Rose | Photo Contribution 2: The Sassy Beach