Saturday, October 27, 2007

Overwhelmed in Blogland

I've been surfing blogs. I am overwhelmed. Anyone who spends time clicking from blog to blog like I have the past few days must know what I mean. It's like going SCUBA diving! There's this whole other world you enter and it's mind-blowing. I could easily disappear for days on end!

Occasionally when I come up for air, I find myself sitting here in an odd sort of daze ... alternating between being energized and motivated and then feeling like I'm somehow out of the loop over here! Does anyone know what I mean?

I mean ... I don't know how they do it! I see blogs that make me feel so inadequate!! I don't think I'll ever be able to even create the illusion of being one of these bloggers who seems to have it all pulled together! I mean, even when they post about how they are going to have to hire some help soon because their new hot product is stacked in boxes all over their foyer waiting to ship out to stores that will undoubtedly sell bazillions of their clever invention ... they pull that off sounding like it's just another day in the life, and that they just popped in to share about it and post some cool photos before heading off to do yoga and have a lunch date and cook a roast and create a new line of fabrics before the kids get home from school.

How do they find the time have that lifestyle and then to write about it in almost daily whimsical, interesting, clever posts that draw 9,436 comments, while attending the latest conferences and shows, and take umpteen thousand perfect photos of their cool decorated hardwood floor houses and totally organized studios, while whipping up scrumptous recipes (and posting said recipes complete with angled, artsy, magazine quality photos), while talking about their awesome spouses and adorable children, (OK, I do have the awesome spouse and adorable kids! YAY!), and meanwhile they seem to be on the cutting edge of everything creative and they are linked to everyone else who is part of this virtual who's who of creative living.

I don't mean to sound as if I'm being disrepectful of these amazing women, it's quite the opposite. I adore them, I worship them, I am inspired and in awe of all that they do, and I just want to know HOW they do it all?

That's all. Just tell me how you do it all AND find time to capture it in photos and write about it and be dressed all trendy and have makeup on everyday? I think I can actually pull off the doing of all the stuff, I've been doing that for a good while now. I have a lot of energy, I have been blessed with a talent for creative living too, with being a creative soul, I design and make stuff, I write articles that help people, I interview celebrity designers, I even juggle posting in my fav forums and IM'ing with my friends and returning emails as I keep up my home (ok, I don't do a great job of that but I am getting better at it ... I cleaned and shined my hardwood stairs to the basement yesterday!) So, I'm not that shabby at getting a lot done, but I am woefully missing the key or the secret to acheiving a composed enough balance of whatever it takes to be this composite Donna Reed / Supermom/ BusinessGuru /Photographer/ Designer/ MarketingGenius/ AND create a compelling blog about it all! LOL!

Just tell me what vitamins to take. Or maybe it's the yoga. Now, where are my yoga bricks? Maybe they are under all this fabric. Sigh. Anyone care to have a virtual latte and commisserate with me? Anyone?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Love My New Blog Banner!

Blog Queen Sharon (C'est Choette) is showing off her new blog banner by our awesome PINK friend ROXIE of, and of course I'm smacking my head, because I got my fabulous new blog banner from Roxie over a week ago! She knows I love it, and my Pink Sisters at MMP know I love it, but I need to tell my blog readers how much I love it!

Roxie is amazing - and I am happy to shamelessly promote her new site and new biz (she also still has her lamps and pink dipped lights and pretties at!) Roxie really captured the essense of Me and my Mama's Pocketbook for my logo. I told her how I love those little color circles on the selvages of fabrics, they are so cool! And just look what she did! She incorporated them in my logo, with double stitched sewing lines and a gorgeous brooch featuring my beautiful Mama! I love the vintage purse and the vintage sewing machine image, the spools of thread and buttons and ROSES bring it all together with the new colors of blue and brown that I'm in love with! Just give Roxie a few hints and she will WOW you with what she can do! I can't wait to get my new "Business in THE Bag" set of marketing materials from her featuring my new logo! Click Roxie's banner below to go to her new site for your ...

Amy Butler Giveaways Galore

As if I wasn't excited enough about my interview with Amy Bulter, now I'm thrilled to announce a fabulous giveaway on our Make Mine Pink Blog! Amy generously sent me seven of her patterns and an autographed copy of her new book "Amy Butler's Midwest Modern" to offer in a drawing at MMP. She truly is a woman who inspires! Get over there now and leave a comment! The prizes will be given away in random drawings on Oct. 31st.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags Are HERE!

Amy Butler's Sweet Life Bags are here!!

I am so excited! I actually squealed with delight when I got home this evening to find my inventory of Amy Butler's Sweet Life Bags had arrived today! I have the entire line, here and they are ready to ship.

I'm having a Sweet Sale on them Oct 22-28th, (they are large, heavier bags than I normally have, so I'm afraid I can't do the free shipping I'd hoped to offer!)

I now have these posted for sale on my site! Go... look at them!.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mama's Pocketbook - Pink October Tote 2007-2008

Here it is... the long awaited 2007-2008 Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Tote from Mama's Pocketbok!

You can find all the details on my website at!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Interview with Amy Butler!

I am thrilled to have had the chance to interview Amy Butler recently for the October issue of's Women Who Inspire column! I just had to drop in a quick post to tell everyone to be sure to read it!

I'm a huge fan of Amy's design work and it was such an honor to conduct this interview with her. She is so open and inspiring, and she gives great advice and insight. I'm not only in awe of her for the beautiful fabrics and purses and papers and sewing patterns and other wonderful things she designs, but for how she manages the phenomenal growth her company has experienced and how she and her husband Dave work so well together. I really want to be like Amy when I grow up! LOL!

Of course I could go on all day long about the things Amy shared with me, but why do that, when you can GO! and read it for yourself right now!! Enjoy!

P.S. UPDATE -- 10/17 - My inventory of Amy's new "Sweet Life" Bags arrived today! They are now in my studio and will be posted on my site ASAP for sale - the arrived much earlier than expected - so grab yours quick and take advantage of my sale price and free shipping (in US).