Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Pocketbook Alert! - Carrie in Peachy Pink Rose

Good news - it's finally here! I've had so many requests for a PINK floral purse and I have found the most beautiful peachy/pink rose covered fabric to make into my beloved Carrie style purse.

And even better news - I have enough fabric to make at least 3 with the pink leather handles (I'm on the hunt for more of these handles) and I can take orders for at least 5 to 10 more of these with fabric covered woven belting handles. That's still a pretty limited edition as I don't really "manufacture" anything. Each is still lovingly hand-crafted and I refuse to cut corners, so yes... each will have the hand stitched lining because that the prettiest and best way to construct this bag.

I have added features to make this bag as useful as it is pretty! As always there's the coordinating handcrafted piping along the side edges and the antique button on top of the magnetic tab closure (these will vary, but will always be beautiful), but this new model has FOUR great pockets inside: Inside back you'll find a large welted pocket with velcro closure with a piggyback floral patch pocket on top of it, and inside front there are two floral pockets, one medium size open pocket and a cell phone pocket with elastic lace to help hold your phone in place, yet afford easy access.
There's also a velcro key fob you can slip onto your key ring and then attach your keys handily on the inside side panel of the purse.

Iced with a single row of ruffled ecru cluny lace trim and topped with either PINK leather ($45.00) handles or fabric trimmed webbing handles ($38.00)

Please comment! Taking after my friend Christine... I crave the positive reinforcements! LOL, we are strong women, but we still love us up some praise!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Secret Sister LOVES Me! And I LOVE Her Too!

Ohhhh what fun! Yesterday I received my Secret Sister package from a very loving and sweet MakeMinePink.com Secret Sister and I was truly touched to tears of joy. First of all the box was HUGE, so carefully packaged and everything was safely cushioned with lovely pink packing peanuts (love those!) My secret sister really LOVES me! I can't tell you how fun and exciting it was for me opening all these lovingly selected gifts. Mama's Pocketbook
I had to get my daughter to help me empty the box and save all those peanuts. She oohed and ahhed with each wrapped package I pulled from the box, each one beautifully adorned with fabric roses and satin ribbons. The card from my Secret Sister gave no hint as to who she is. She wrote: Hello, my Secret Sister!, I was so blessed to be given the opportunity to bless you Dianne! I hope all these things give you much enjoyment! God Bless You and have a fun day!! You Secret Sister.

Ok, well so far I only had one clue... the address on the label gives the city in Texas it was shipped from but the name is blacked out and taped over. Very sneaky! I'd have to figure out who lived in Texas... meanwhile, I started opening the gifts...
This first gift was a sweet little glass jar with lovely roses on the shabby chic lid and inside was a treasure trove of buttons, findings, rhinestones, and two pink antique intricately hand stitched cotton fabric flowers with pearl button centers. These are truly works of art and I adore them!

My secret sister really read my bio and picked gifts that perfectly spoke to my heart! Did I say thank you yet? OMGosh... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love all these things... and this is just the beginning... there's much more...

First I have never seen a Blue Bonnet Butter JAR! Fabulous! And look at the gorgeous pink, white and green doily tied around it with a ribbon! It was filled yards of with this wonderful pink lace. Oh my! You should have heard me squeal! Oh, and see the pink pearl strands, can't forget those! They are so pretty!

Next up... a big, beautiful conch shell with a handmade paper collage tag. I love seashells and my secret sister included something of everything I love!

Here we have what I thought was my 2nd clue for who my secret sister might be. I actually did scream a little when I saw what was in this package as I've been wanting some of these delicious looking confections ever since I first saw them here at MMP. And the china saucer is to die for too! Now, I'm pretty sure these yummies were made by Kimberly at My Pink Boutique... Hmmm. Could Kimberly be my SS? But wait, there are more clues ...

Lookie ... I got a BUNNY! SWEET!!! Actually TWO bunnies! My big bunny is absolutely perfect for me, she is so sweetly dressed and holds a SEWING BASKET. How on earth my SS found this perfect bunny for me I don't know, but I'm thrilled that she did! The other sweet little bunny sitting in her lap is so cute, made from a lovely rose print fabric and with the floppy ears I love and even a tiny cotton tail! I am in heaven! Are you all jealous yet?

Now this is the next clue that has thrown me off my trail! I'd already spotted this beautiful rose print in the "PINK" (and white) frame on my Pink Sister Peggy's site at So Shabby Pink. And Peggy lives in Texas too! So.... is it Peggy who blessed me with all these wonderful things??? I'm truly stumped I don't know if my secret sis is Kimberly or Peggy but I'm pretty sure it's one of you. I tend to think it's Peggy because she also has some of these wonderful glass jars on her site.

SO ... Come clean Secret Sister... and let me thank you properly for all the love and thought and wonderful gifts you have given me. I'm just tickled PINK over this haul! I just love how you put so much time into wrapping each one and I LOVE the big gorgeous fabric roses clipped onto the packages and the little heart shaped notepad and all the ribbons. It all just takes my breath away. I am the most blessed Secret Sister for sure!

Oh, and there's a glimpse of my newest Carrie purse at the edge of this picture of all my teasures. It's PINK, and ROSY, and I can't wait to post it on my site. I hope you all enjoyed sharing in my SS experience! I'll reveal who my Secret Sister is as soon as she claims her fame!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Computer Vision Board

Ok, pardon the advert... but, those who know me know I'm on the computer a lot, and that I'm really excited about using the Law of Attraction, positive visualization, prayer, success principles and more to expand my life and my business. I have several vision boards here at home, one by my desk, a family board in the kitchen, as well as a weekly activities board in there too, and I have a wall in my studio I use as a vision board. I am loving how fast things are happening since I've begun to really focus on the things I and my family want to achieve.

Well, recently I found this software that you can use to build vision boards on your computer and have it right there where you can change it and add to it quickly and keep inspired and motivated …while you work! You can customize it and share your boards too. I like it so much I decided it was too hot an item not to get in on, so I joined their affiliate program.

Now, you will hardly ever see me sell products other than my own, but I know that a lot of my "pink sisters" and my friends are using vision boards, so I thought I'd at least mention that I really like the software in case anyone is interested in it.

It is easy to order, download and simple to use. I like being able to quickly find an image of something I want and instead of having to print it out for my wall board, I can just copy and paste it to my computer vision board. I thought about trying to make my own computer vision board, but this way I don't have to spend the time trying to create an interactive slideshow myself. If you are interested in it, there's a banner ad at the bottom of my blog that will take you to the OrangePeel website. (or you can click here). Enjoy.

Nancy Hunt-Bartek - VintageFunk Designs

I just have to share with all of you my new friend, Nancy Hunt-Bartek's fabulous blog. Nancy is an accomplished Collage & Mixed Media Artist and she makes intricately beautiful vintage collages, tags art, heirlooms, vintage cards, shrines, keepsakes, journals and books, and even has adorable little pin cushions that of course I love to pieces!

Check out her artwork at VintageFunk Designs, she has even been featured on Oprah's website! How cool is that?!

Mission Possible

I've been so busy lately I've forgotten to come here and post! Time to catch up a little.

I'll start with my latest acheivement and work backwards, since that's the easiest way for me to remember everything I want to share.

Saturday (3/17 - St. Patrick's Day) I posted my latest article in the "Mind Your Business" column at MakeMinePink.com. This month's article is called "Mission Possible", about creating your own personal and business mission statements. And no, this is not the old-fashioned, boring corporate string-of-mind-numbing-words kind of mission statement you had to memorize for your boss kind of thing. This is YOU, defining what you are about, what your business is about, what you want to accomplish and offer your customers and there are fun tools you can link to that will help you create the perfect mission or vision statement for you in a very short time ... like 20 minutes! Give it a try. Defining your mission statement is very rewarding and it helps you maintain focus, stay motivated, and let's others know your guiding principles. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What Kind Of Everyday Purse Do You Like Best

Wow, it's Thursday already. Time flies when your kids are sick. Or maybe not flies, but it is easy to loose track of time. Today was the first day since early January where everyone went to work and school and I actually had alone time for sewing! And I actually sewed too! I'll upload pics later of a new little accessory item for your closet that I made today.

I wanted to post something so if anyone did happen by they wouldn't think I'd abandoned the place, so ...

How about a Poll? I'd love to know what kind of pocketbook (purse) you prefer to use on a daily basis. Please feel free to comment too. I love comments! They help me know that I'm not just talking into thin air out here. Tell me what your perfect purse would be like - after you come back from taking the poll (do come back!)

Please Take My Poll

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Pocketbook - Carrie in Vintage Red Rose Linen

I just love my newest design that I call Carrie, after my maternal grandmother - that's her high school graduation picture in the background & I look just like her.
Carrie is a great little speedy size handbag, perfect for date night, parties, or anytime you don't need to be loaded down with your bigger pocketbooks or totes.

I'll be making up lots of Carrie's and each will be a one-of-a-kind treasure. The style is classic, but there will not be two alike! So if you love it... better snag it!
Guess I better get busy and make up a bunch more of these cuties!

March Sale on Amy Butler Patterns

Spring is in the air, and I'm having a blast choosing fresh floral fabrics to make new, fun, flirty pocketbooks! If you sew too, you'll want to take advantage of my sale on Amy Butler patterns throughout March. I am also extremely excited to announce that I will soon be carrying Amy Butler fabrics and I'll be offering purse making kits to help speed you busy seamstresses on your way to making your own fresh batch of bags! More surprises to come ... stay tuned!1

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Paying It Forward - Pink October Style

This tote was my first big success after opening Mama's Pocketbook. I made a limited edition of 25 of these totes for "Pink October" 2006 as my Breast Cancer Awareness Tote and I am pleased to say that all of the totes sold and a donation of $97.50 was made to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of the foundation's breast cancer research for prevention and treatment.

This year I'm designing two new totes, one that will be offered year round (unlimited), and another special limited edition design that will be featured on my website and at my Little Pink Boutique for the annual Make Mine Pink "Pink October" month observances.

I will continue donating 10% of the sales for both designs. I am excluding these totes from my normal MMP discount and will instead donate 20% of the sale price to the Susan G. Komen foundations for orders from MMP members.

I will offer the unlimited new design very soon!

First Post - Excited & Nervous!

I’m so nervous about starting up my new blog for Mama’s Pocketbook.

Not sure why exactly, I mean, I’ve been a professional writer for over 6 years and I love to write, but I think I’ve been browsing too many blogs lately and I’m so blown away by all the clever, witty bloggers out there that I fear my blog will pale in comparison.

But this is my year for facing fears and pushing myself to try new things and be bold … so off we go into the blogosphere (a term my blog mentor and queen, Sharon taught me!)

Ok, first things first. I must gushingly thank blog-guru extraordinaire Sharon, who is the keeper of our fabulous blog at MakeMinePink.com, and who has selflessly lent a designing hand to countless numbers of Pink Sisters at MMP with their blogs and who is the one to praise for my own beautiful , sparkling new blog. Thank you Sharon, you are THE BEST! Check out Sharon’s website (and blog) for this blogging thing is only one of her amazing talents. She is a needlepoint rescuer who creates the most divine, sumptuous pillows you’ve ever seen.

Wow, now that I am getting started my excitement is overpowering my nervousness. I may end up be the most prolific blogger ever! My family will either disconnect my computer in order to get me to clear a path through the house and provide nourishment, or they will thank their lucky stars that I’m writing again instead of yammering endlessly about how much I love MakeMinePink.com or my latest purse dreams (I dream of pocketbook designs every night!)

This is going to be so much fun!